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Who are we?

An Eco-Friendly Business

The Good Stuff Thailand is a Thai social enterprise which aims to reduce our environmental impact through an innovative and eco-friendly product range whilst giving opportunities to local craftspeople.

The Good Stuff was founded in 2019 by Air, a fashion student who changed from a fashion brand owner to an eco-friendly warrior. After learning and operating in the fast-fashion business, Air decided to close her shop in Pratunam, a busy fashion district in Bangkok, and started an eco-friendly business. With a family business background in secondhand clothes, the idea of repurposing and saving them from going to the landfill created The Good Stuff Thailand.

Want to hear a story?

Air's mother is from the Northeast (or Esan) of Thailand and her family was very poor. When she was 12, she had to go find work in Bangkok, sending money home. She got a job as a seamstress, working long, stressful hours: her longest shift was 20 hours non-stop, not even stopping for food, as the order was very urgent. Making very low wages per piece, coupled with the enormous stress placed on her, made it impossible to save much and live a decent life.

This is why at The Good Stuff Thailand, we always make sure to use ethical labour, being sure that our artisans and seamstresses are well paid and happy to work with us.

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